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A really great way to get into Kindle Publishing is by creating children’s Kindle books. Children’s book publishing is very popular and there are lots of tips for quickly creating books. Your kids’ books can be fiction, but it’s often best to focus non-fiction informational books because the text is simple. As long as you have a lot of eye-catching images, and write a book about a topic that both kids and parents will like, it is a satisfying read. A lot goes into writing a children’s book, though. You’ll need to understand how to research the books, where to get images, how to hire people to help you inexpensively and more. Read on for tips to help make your experience publishing a kid’s Kindle book easy and profitable.

KDP Kids

KDP Kids is a child-focused category for illustrated and chapter books designed just for kids. It includes a set of tools that help authors create and produce digital books in Kindle format that are designed just for kids.

write children's kindle books

They make it simple for authors to use so that they don’t have to feel as if they need to be programmers to design a beautifully illustrated kid’s book. Like most Kindle books, KDP Kids authors can earn up to 70 % royalties. To help, KDP Kids offers authors tools to help such as the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, Age and Grade Tools, and even marketing tools. You’ll be able to create a professional book for Kids easily and quickly with all the tools they provide. But, first, you need to get your book written.

Writing for Kids- To write a book for kids, you need to understand your audience. This is the same advice you’ll get if you write for adults. As you discover the audience you’re creating for, you’ll be able to write even more interesting stories in such a way that your audience likes it even more. Plus, you’ll need to know what message you’re trying to convey in your book. It’s important to be original, but you do want to address popular subjects for your audience. Plus, never talk down to your readers. They don’t need or like that.

Book Formats

Creating a children’s Kindle book will enable you to create a picture book or a chapter book. You can also combine the two and create a picture storybook. After all, children love looking at beautiful pictures while their parents read to them.

About Creating Characters

Write children's kindle books

Creating the characters in your children’s books can be super fun. You can be more creative with the names, based on the character. When naming the characters in your books, think about their ages and their part in the book. Try outlining each character’s personality and looks before writing the book. That way you know the backstory of your characters and can pull from that as you write their lines.

Entertain & Delight

Your kids’ book should be entertaining. They should delight the audience and make them laugh, cry, or feel some sort of emotion that makes them feel good about themselves at the end.

Don’t Talk Down

 A huge mistake a lot of new authors make is to talk down to their audience. Instead, put yourself on their level so that you can explain concepts in the way your audience thinks about them. For example, adults may think farting is gross but kids really just think it’s funny.

Remember the Plot

Before putting pen to paper, you should totally understand the entire point of your book. The main events that get your message across should not be lost in everything else that is going on in your book. Each chapter should work to further the plot.

Get Serious but Be Funny

Even the most serious subjects can sometimes go down better with a dose of humor. Books about death, aging, and illness often use humor to lighten the mood while explaining seriously difficult topics to kids.

A children’s book doesn’t have to be super long or in-depth to be interesting and funny to a child. For example, in the book “Toot” by Leslie Patricelli she covers the fun topic of farting in 24 pages.

What to Write About? Probably one of the most daunting parts of writing a children’s book is deciding what to write about. The first thing you should do when writing a children’s book is to get to know your audience. If you want to write for four-year-old, spend some time with four-year-old so that you know what they find interesting.

Research – Volunteer at a child care center or in the classroom, depending on the age of your audience. This is a good way to get to spend time with your audience and learn what they like. You can also conduct some research online, such as locations that you may want to include in your book.

Images – Most children’s books will be better received with images. You don’t have to be an illustrator to get great images for your books. You can get licensed photography online to use in your books, or you can hire someone to help you. The important fact about images is to ensure that you can legally use them before using them.

Outsourcing – A really great way to handle some aspects of your children’s book is to outsource. You can find people on and to help you with editing, illustrations, and formatting of your Kindle Kids’ book. If you see a book with illustrations you like, don’t hesitate to contact the illustrator.

Ideas – The hardest part of your book is to come up with ideas. There are tried and true topics that work well with most kids. A few ideas are picture books for little ones, short stories for elementary age children, and fantasy for middle schoolers work well. The best and most easy way to come up with an idea is to solve a problem for your audience such as bullying, using the potty, washing hands, taking care of a pet and so on. Any information you can impart will be helpful. For example, maybe you want to write a book about dinosaurs. You could easily do a picture book about the top 20 Biggest Dinosaurs. Then the book would simply include a picture of the dinosaur and a description of what that one eats and when, where and how it lived.

Popular Kid's Books on Kindle

One way to decide on a topic for your Kindle Kid’s book is to look at what is already popular. If you can find a topic that is popular and fill in the gaps you can have a best seller on your hands in no time.

My Monster Farts, by Kate Clary

This delightful book will make kids and parents laugh as they try to read the word “fart” repeatedly. It’s only 12 pages long, and kids and parents both love it and kids ages 4 to 7 want to hear it again and again. It’s a great example of taking a topic that kids of a certain age find hysterically funny and making a book from it.

How to Catch a Monster by Michael Yu, Rachel Yu, June Yu, and Eric Yu

Little kids are often scared of monsters hiding under their bed or in a closet. This is a common problem for children around the ages of 3 to 5. The authors cover it nicely in only 46 pages. This book relies on amazing illustrations to tell the story for the young audience.

Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1 A Scare of a Dare (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) by Zack Zombie

This is a great example of taking a popular game and making a story from it. This book is written in diary format and gets into the mind of a young gamer. If you want your gamer to read a little more this might help. Find a topic your audience likes, in this case, gaming – with a specific game, and then make up a story around it.

What If Everybody Did That? By Ellen Javernick and Colleen M. Madden

This clever book about breaking rules brings to light to the audience of pre-k and kindergarten kids the idea that breaking rules has consequences that compound the more people do it in only 32 pages from start to finish. Wonderfully illustrated with clever prose, this is a good book to learn from. Hopefully, those books give you some ideas. You can search the best-selling Kindle Kid’s books on Amazon for more ideas. 

write children's kindle books

But, as you can see for little kids topics are very specific such as monsters, using the potty, understanding bodily functions, nature, and more.

How to Promote Your Kid’s Book

Once you’ve written and published your Kindle Kid’s book, the next thing you need to do is start promoting it. The honest truth is that, even if you never do any promoting if you’ve worked hard on the cover, the description, and the title you will sell some books on Kindle. But, if you want to become a best seller you’ll need to promote your book. Throw a Book Party – You can throw a book party online. Invite everyone you know who has a child, or knows a child in the right age group to a Facebook Live Reading Event. Set up the scene by putting a chair in front of a good backdrop such as in front of a fireplace or you could even sit on your bed with your own child and read to them live. Ask everyone to share. Release Early For Reviews – Release the book early to friends and people who can write reviews for you. Amazon will frown on your mother writing you a review, to ensure that the people who you choose really buy the book, and aren’t related to you. There are groups on Facebook that you can locate to help you find book reviewers. Join Forums & Groups – Find groups of parents with children in the right age group, and following the terms of service of the groups, tell them about your book. Remember, in the case of most children’s books, you’ll have to get the parents interested first. Create a Book Trailer – YouTube is a great place to put a book trailer for your book. You can hire someone on to make a video for you, or you can use PowerPoint or KeyNote to do it for you, add some music and some words and upload to YouTube. Be sure to link back to your book. Attend Public Events – Even though your book is an eBook, you can still attend public events, and readings, in order to attract more buyers. Remember, if no one knows about your book, it can be hard to get enough readers to make a difference. Blog & Write Articles – Get published where parents will read about you, and then they’ll use your bio to find the books that you’ve written for children. The more parents like you, the more they’ll trust you enough that they’ll buy and read your books to their kids. If you write for older kids, even though parents won’t be reading them to their children, they need to know your values and morals in order to trust you, too. The key thing to remember when promoting a children’s book is to promote where your audience is. Consider blogging, creating YouTube videos, and also using social media like Pinterest to get the word out about your book.

Getting Started

Being a children’s author is fun and exciting. Being a Kindle Kid’s author is fun, exciting and simple. If you have a story idea, you can write and publish your Kid’s book in no time. Learn everything you can about writing and children within your audience and you’ll be a success.

The Content – A children’s book on Kindle is a lot like a really long article with images. You want to give the main story to the children to keep their interest based on age group. Younger children require shorter, more to the point books than older kids.
Images – Really young kids love picture books more than chapter books without images. The older the child the fewer pictures you need to include. Remember to check the legality of the images you use.
Read the Guidelines – Kindle Kids has guidelines like any publisher so you want to read the guidelines and follow all the terms of service. Plus, Kindle is very good at giving you the exact formatting rules so that your book will look good, too.
Read Children’s Books – Anytime you choose to write in any particular genre, it’s important to understand it and read a lot of books within that category. It will help you know what makes a best-selling kid’s book versus one that doesn’t sell well.

All you really need to get started with publishing and profiting with Children’s books on Kindle is to come up with a good story, imaginative illustrations, and a good turn of phrase while remembering your audience.

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